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  • Bra-free women have about the same risk of breast cancer as men, while the tighter and longer the bra is worn the higher the risk rises.

  • Red marks or indentations in your skin means your bra is too tight.

  • Sleeping in a bra is the worst thing you can do for your breasts.

  • Bras also cause breasts to droop, and develop cysts and pain.  Fibrocystic breast disease should be called Tight Bra Syndrome.

A 2016 peer reviewed epidemiological study confirms the bra-cancer link.  Wearing a Tight Bra for Many Hours a Day is Associated with Increased Risk of Breast Cancer     Adv Oncol Res Treat 1: 105. 

(November 16, 2016)

New Study: Cancer Patient Advocates Like Pharma Money includes information about corruption in the cancer world.  Mentions, a critic of the bra-cancer link.  They have 16 drug company sponsors, according to the study.  

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ISCD information On The Link Between Breast Cancer And Bras

Help us correct false cancer news!  IF you see any website calling the bra-cancer link a "myth", then let us know.

The following medical centers have been reported to us for providing FALSE information about the bra-cancer link.  They have been contacted with the correct information.  Once they correct their websites, we will remove them from this list.  

(Note:  This list is not exhaustive.  Please send us the the URL's of websiteswith misinformation about the bra-cancer link and we will try to reach out to them.)

University of Utah

MediResources, Inc.

North Ohio Heart

American Cancer Society

Susan G. Komen Foundation

We are happy to announce that Evangelical Hospital, Premier Health, and Tristar Skyline Medical Center have all removed from the Internet their webpages with ACS misinformation about the bra-cancer link.

Want to find ways to prevent breast cancer?  There are many breast cancer risk factors, and wearing tight bras for long hours daily is a leading risk factor.

Unfortunately, our culture promotes bras, with one million bras sold daily in the US alone.  And the medical industry makes billions detecting and treating this disease.

This ISCD information on the link between breast cancer and bras will help you see through the smokescreen created by the lingerie and cancer industries to suppress this information.

ISCD is the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, founded and directed by Medical Anthropologists Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, co-authors of the groundbreaking book, Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras.  

ISCD studies the cultural causes of disease, and the bra-cancer link is the quintessential culturogenic disease.